Teaching Philosophy

Scott believes the game of golf should be an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.  His main goal  is to help every student attain their goals.  Scott’s coaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that every golfer has their own unique swing- he therefore implements a customized approach to enhance your swing, refine your game and help lower scores.

This ties into one of Scott’s biggest philosophies: the coaching needs to revolve around the student.  There has to be good communication  and the concepts need to be simple while understandable so that execution comes naturally.

Scott believes that during each lesson there has to be an overall goal.  There’s a reason you are taking a golf lesson.  To attain that goal three things have to happen:  Identify, Correct and Learn.  Each student must first understand how their swing works and functions in order for it to change.  Second you will work on one thing at a time to enhance your overall technique making it more consistent and natural.  Finally, you will be able to differentiate between swings, turning a concept into a feel leading to more consistent results.

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The golf season is here and it is time to dust off the clubs! Sharpen up your golf game with SYG this year at the Wilmette Golf Club. SYG will be there starting April 1, 2016. Please call for complete details.
Zero in on your game and become a more well-rounded player with SY Golf!


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