“My sons have been taking golf lessons from Scott since they were six years old. Scott has encouraged their love of golf and helped them improve their golf games significantly over the years. During each lesson Scott is engaging, thorough and always provides concrete feedback and frequent video analysis. He makes his lessons fun while still pushing my boys to develop as players. It has been a pleasure to work with Scott. I highly recommend him if you are interested in learning to play golf, or want to improve your game.”

- Teresa George
Park Ridge Resident


“Scott’s approach to teaching young golfers such as myself is second to none. Working with him for the past six years allowed me to have success in tournaments and high school golf. Specifically, Scott has developed my swing and taught me course management . With his guidance, I look forward to taking my game to the next level.

- Jack McGuire
Loyola Golf Team


I have worked with Scott for three years and was able to achieve a single digit handicap index. What makes Scott unique as a teacher is his emphasis on ball flight and how it relates to your swing. This enables the me to make appropriate adjustments within a round of golf since the average amateur golf swing is variable. I only have high recommendations for Scott Yopchick.”

- Nigel Walters


“I have taken lessons from Scott for a number of years and he has unquestionably transformed my game.  Scott brings a vast knowledge of swing mechanics to the table and is able to pinpoint problems in your swing with great accuracy.   His use of video during the lesson is a game changer for me – being able to see for myself where the swing breaks down is a terrific teaching aid.  Having worked with so many successful golfers over the years, Scott is able to suggest drills and swing thoughts that provide clear results on the course.  I couldn’t recommend Scott more to any golfer.”

- Rick Biagi
Park Ridge Resident


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